The Beauty of World Banknotes

French Banknotes 1950-1957

The French banknote series of 1950-1957 is quite beautiful.

Source: Numizon 


Since the end of the war, France has seen its inflation slip continuously. The reconstruction of the country by a forced march, the intensification of the Algerian war, and the depreciation of the franc against the dollar led to a succession of budget deficits. As a result, devaluations follow each other and the purchasing power of the French is deteriorating. This context forces the Bank of France to consider further banknotes to very high face values.

The objective is first to homogenize the formats with respect to the previous disparate range issued between 1946 and 1949. The fiduciary institution also takes the opportunity to renew itself creatively and decides to definitively abandon the allegorical figures that made the success of its issues for 150 years! The fiduciary institution takes the opportunity to renew itself and decides to abandon definitively the allegorical figures that have made the success of its issues for 150 years!

It is the apogee of the French banknote school with the generalization of portraits, started in 1916 with the 20 francs Bayard Type 1916. From now on, all new shows are illustrated by famous men who made the greatness of France. These are systematically represented on the front and back of the note and in a symbolic place of their life course.

This new range comes as follows: a 500 francs Type 1953 Victor Hugo (Pick: #133), a 1000 francs Type 1953 Richelieu (Pick: #134), a 5000 francs Type 1957 Henri IV (Pick: #135), a 10000 francs Type 1955 Bonaparte (Pick: #136) and a 50000 francs Type 1957 Molière « non émis » (Pick: #136A). This last note will never be issued with this nominal value too important but will know another destiny with the reform of the franc that already happens …


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