The Beauty of World Banknotes

Why Collect World Banknotes

World Banknotes are a relatively inexpensive hobby and an educational way to discover the economic history, industry, and leaders of countries from around the world.

They represent art, history, and economics.

An easy way to begin is to purchase a starter package of notes from 25 or 50 different countries. These are easily available on eBay under a World Banknote Set search. Be sure to buy uncirculated banknotes from many different countries.

World banknotes are identified by their condition, country, year, signature(s), denomination, and Pick  or their Banknote Book number

Uncirculated notes for recent or current issues are recommended for beginner collectors as they are more apt to retain their value.

To learn more about bank notes join the International Bank Note Society. 

How to collect banknotes

Here is a good booklet on Banknote collecting.

Roberts World Money has a nice series on beginning a world banknote collection.

An Introduction to Bank Note Collecting

A Collectors Perspective on World Banknotes